YOU can make $100,000 a year, writing articles, once you know how

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Introducing: "Article Dynamite: Make $100,000 a Year Writing and Selling Articles", Angela Booth's new writing guide

My new web writing package, "Article Dynamite: Make $100,000 a Year Writing and Selling Articles" gives you the information and skills you need to make GREAT money writing web articles.

Learn more.

NEW: Increase Your Article Writing Profits: Write Fast, Write Easily, and Never Run Out of Ideas Again

A brand new guide to writing articles FAST!

Revealed: the seven simple methods a new writer used to make a great full-time income writing articles, in his first year – if he can do it, you can do it;

Learn how to increase your article output with a particularly clever strategy (one I'd forgotten, but am using right now);

Get inspired: yes, you can build a complete (very profitable) writing career and business, just on Web articles.

Discover how you can make great money, just writing articles... FAST.
Here's what one writer, Gary, said:
"I wanted to let you know how well it's working for me. I put methods 3 and 7 into use immediately, turning a couple of existing articles from "overview => subset". Now, only an hour and a quarter after downloading it I've listed 69 article titles and written 4 new article drafts. It's been a great investment, thanks for another really useful guide!"

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